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Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems in Knoxville, TN

knoxville master key systems

Master key systems provide security while preserving ease of access for those who utilize them.

Are you looking for an efficient way to secure your building while maintaining ease of access? The solution is a Master Key System. Based in Knoxville, The Locksmith Company is your trusted partner in all things related to Master Key Systems, bringing you years of experience, integrity, and honesty.

Master Key Systems Explained

At its core, a Master Key System is an ingenious way of controlling access to different areas of a building, or multiple buildings, with a single key, the Master Key. This system can simplify key management while enhancing security, making it ideal for commercial properties, apartment buildings, and schools.

Types of Master Key Systems

LFIC and SFIC, or Large Format Interchangeable Core and Small Format Interchangeable Core, respectively, are two popular types of Master Key Systems. LFICs are robust and provide a higher level of security, while SFICs are compact, affordable, and easy to replace. Replacing IC cores with a specia key known as a control key allows for fast lock replacement. We can pin up a new cylinder and swap it out in seconds.

We’re also able to create a master key system using a variety of different keyways that are restricted or proprietary.

Master Key System for Building

With a Master Key System, each door within a building can have its unique key, with the Master Key providing access to all doors. This arrangement is excellent for business owners or property managers, as it allows them to access all areas while limiting others’ access to specific zones.

Master Key System Installation

Installing a Master Key System involves rekeying or replacing locks to work with the Master Key while retaining their unique keys. It’s a complex process that requires a skilled locksmith. The Locksmith Company excels in Master Key System installations, ensuring a smooth and secure setup.

Master Keying

Master keying involves adjusting the pins in a lock so that it can be operated by both a change key and the Master Key. This process allows for different levels of access within a building.

Master Key Lock System and Master Key Door Lock System

These systems are the cornerstone of building security, allowing for controlled access to different areas within a building or an apartment complex. The Locksmith Company specializes in setting up Master Key Lock Systems, providing secure and easy-to-manage solutions.

Restricted Master Key System

Restricted Master Key Systems add an extra layer of security by controlling key duplication. Only authorized personnel can get keys copied, preventing unauthorized access.

Master Key System Cost

The cost of a Master Key System varies depending on the number of locks, type of locks, and other specific requirements. The Locksmith Company provides upfront and competitive pricing, ensuring there are no surprises.

Master Key System for Schools and Apartment Buildings

Schools and apartment buildings can greatly benefit from Master Key Systems. These systems allow for restricted access to certain areas, while a Master Key can access all areas, a perfect solution for administrators or property managers.

Why Choose The Locksmith Company?

With years of experience and a commitment to integrity and honesty, The Locksmith Company is your ideal partner for all your locksmith needs. We use high-quality hardware and offer professional service to ensure the best results for our locksmith clients. We serve Knoxville and surrounding areas, bringing our top-notch locksmith services to your doorstep.

Get Started With a Master Key System Today

Master Key Systems are a smart and efficient way to enhance the security of your property. With The Locksmith Company in Knoxville, you can trust that your Master Key System will be expertly installed and serviced. Contact us today to learn more about how a Master Key System can benefit your property.

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