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We can unlock your safe.

Safes provide what looks like a fortress protecting your valuables, but what if your safe is protecting against you? You may have inherited jewelry safe and don’t know the combination, you bought an old, rusty floor safe at auction and can’t get inside, or you just forgot the combination for your home safe. The Locksmith Company here in Knoxville, TN is a qualified, licensed mobile locksmith that can help at a reasonable price.

Solving Mysteries and Resolving Conflicts

What’s inside a safe can be the subject of curiosity, or it could be causing conflict. It could also just be the last copy of Mom’s cookie recipe. A safe locksmith provides a professional way to access the contents, perform a safe combination change, or get into an electronic keypad safe lock when you’ve lost the key. Our mobile service is important — you can’t just pick up some safes and bring them in, especially bolt-downs and wall safes!

Safe Maintenance and Combo Changes

Many safes are valuable items themselves, and safe cracking attempts by amateurs can lead to significant damage. A professional locksmith often can unlock safes damage-free or install new safe locks for future use after a successful safe opening. We understand the inner mechanical workings of the following safe brands such as:

  • Liberty safe
  • Sentry safe
  • Amsec safe
  • Champion safe
  • Hollon safe
  • Gardall safe
  • and many more

As your safe locksmith, we have special tools and techniques that make what seems impossible–like cracking safes–possible. Our locksmiths are here to help you.

Hunting Season is Busy for a Safe Locksmith

If you need a gun safe locksmith this hunting season, give us a call. Hopefully, you’re preparing early when you go to check your guns for the season and you find out that nobody has the combination anymore — you need us for safe opening. We’ll come to your place if you need us to bolt down your safe and we specialize in American-made gun safes. We can help you with your basic safe box, too. If you don’t have a place to secure your firearms yet or are looking for a larger unit, we provide safe service and installation as well.

Do You Need a New Home Safe, or Does Your Existing Safe Need Servicing?

We can service and maintain your safe at home, whether it’s a wall safe, floor safe, bolt down, or cheap home safe. If you need to change safe combination numbers, we can do that too. Our specialized, licensed skills can make safe ownership easier and let you avoid worrying about the day when you need the well-protected contents but you can’t get in.

Making Sure Your Safe Does the Job

By providing new safe locks, combo changes, and servicing safes that have had a long life of service, we can help you make sure that your investment in security stays functional and reliable. If you need a new safe installed, call us. As a professional safe locksmith, we can explain the pros and cons of each type of safe model and locking mechanism.

Call on The Locksmith Company in Knoxville, TN for Reliable Safe Locksmith Services

You’ve got the picture: we know safes and we come to you to service them, change safe combination mechanisms and numbers, and otherwise make sure that what’s secure now is available to the right person later on. Call us with questions or for gun safe advice and assistance at 865-297-5625.

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