We have a problem in the locksmith industry, in a word that problem is, Scammers.
Many of the listings you see when you search for a locksmith are not licensed locksmiths. In fact they are scammers who have found a loophole to charge you WAY too much money for inferior service and security.
So how do you know?
The easiest way to tell a licensed professional locksmith from a scammer acting as a locksmith is price. The old addage .. “if it seems too good to be true … “ ┬ástill holds true. While a $29.00 service sounds great in fact that is not what you will end up paying. The most common scam is the “bait and switch”.
You’ve locked yourself out of your home or auto and do a quick search for a locksmith to get you back in. A $29.00 service looks good so you call an 1-800 number (first red flag) to get help. Thats the first sign, as a local locksmith will not have a 1-800 number, ┬ábut the answering service sounds nice and say it will be 30 minutes to get to you. 30 minutes turns into an hour and a half but someone finally shows up, in an unmarked vehicle (second red flag) and their wearing common street clothes (third red flag). Most licensed locksmiths will invest in their company by placing some signage on there vehicle, and uniforms for their employees. So the “locksmith” you called has finally arrived in some unmarked car, and street clothes, but at least their there now. They take a look at your situation and tell you ..” the $29.00 price doesn’t apply to the type of lock, or car you have, in fact the price will be $119.00.” You’re tired, it’s been a long day and you just want in and for this to be over, so you say fine just do it. They may fiddle around with your lock for a minute or two, and then announce ..”this lock will have to be drilled … no one can pick this type of lock”. The price has just gone up significantly. They say ..”drilling is $149.00 and you will need a new lock. I can put a new lock on the door for $119.00.
Now your $29.00 service has skyrocketed to almost $300.00!!

Fact is a professional, licensed locksmith has the training and skill to open most doors without destructive entry. There will always be situations that call for destructive entry, but it IS NOT the first, second, or even the third choice. A professional, licensed locksmith has many tools to exhaust before turning to “the drill”. Not only will you most likely get in quicker, in the long run it will be far cheaper than the bargain you see advertised on a search engine.

You have rights! Ask the locksmith you call if they are TN state licensed, and ask to see that license when they show up. If they can’t show you a license … chances are you are asking for trouble. You and your families security is not where you want to look for a bargain. Call a licensed, professional, skilled locksmith.

This is what it looks like ….